Get Digital Proof of your COVID-19 Vaccine

Your digital COVID vaccine record refers to the details of your COVID vaccination as stored in the California Immunization Registry

What’s being referred to as your “digital COVID vaccine card” is really just a screenshot of that online record — plus a QR code that’s attached to it. It’s an alternative way of verifying your COVID vaccination status if and when venues or businesses request to see it. Previously, you’d only have been able to show the paper copy of your vaccine record (the one you received when you got your shot) or a photo of that paper copy.

The state’s digital COVID vaccine record works by taking the phone number or email address associated with your COVID vaccine appointment, and then matching those details with the vaccination information stored with CAIR.

The link you’ll receive from the CDPH will either be texted to you or emailed, depending on the contact method you provide. The link opens to a webpage with your COVID vaccination record(s), including which brand of vaccine you received and when you got your shot(s). You can screenshot this page and save it to your computer or phone.

The webpage will contain a QR code, which you can also screenshot and save on your phone. If you’re at a venue that can read SMART Health Cards, you can present a copy of this QR code for them to scan.

If you would like an electronic copy of your vaccine card, go HERE to get started.